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Angelina Jolie STATUS

I saved Durfee in the middle of a busy main street. I unhastingly stopped my car in the middle of oncoming traffic and picked up that bundle of joy. My first impression of Durfee is disbelief....... Did I really do that? Than I went to Petco w/ Durfee chillin' on the car floor.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Fucktards @ Petco ain't worth shit. Wouldn't even clean Durfee good4nuffin' asswipes. After that waste of time I went to the pound and I mindnumbingly left Durfee there. I felt guilty but I had no other choice. Either the owners hopefully go insearch of the dog or I adopt him. I hope Durfee finds his owners during this 7 day grace period @ the pound. So far within a 2 day period there are already requests for Durfee.... but fuck that I have first dibs. I spoke to my family about the situation because we already own annother wonderful dog. But she's very territorial and female, so we have to chop off Durfee's balls. boo.

here is Durfee @ the pound..... BBBOOOOOOOO!!!

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Plays Akon's Locked Up.....

So I have until monday to make the life altering decision of either adopting the pet or giving him away.

Some asshole thought Durfee was a bike ramp as three was tire mark on his back. :( .

So that's my Angelina Jolie story.
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