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This Corner we have hermyphie confused ATL beauty: CIARA
Princess HARRIS!
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This corner we have ella Eh Eh Eh Eh 5 head tone challenged hottie:

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It looks like a feud may be brewing between R&B singers Rihanna and
Ciara. spoke with a person close to Ciara who claims the
two women can't stand each other.

According to our insider, the bad blood started at Clive Davis' Grammy
party a few months ago. At the party, Rihanna supposedly got a little
too close with Bow Wow, Ciara's ex. Tells our insider, "The whole thing
is really silly, because Ciara didn't even want [Bow Wow] at that time.
She's just angry 'cause she just thinks Rihanna was being

But our insider suspects that the feud may be more about jealousy than
anything else. You see, despite selling more than twice as many records
as Rihanna, Ciara can't seem to garner as much public attention. The
insider tells, "Rihanna's music isn't all that popular,
but yet she's gotten tons of endorsements. And the paparazzi flock to
her like she's Britney Spears ... I'm not sure the paparazzi even know
who Ciara is."

And last week, the insider claims that Ciara gave her dancers an
ultimatum when it comes to Rihanna. When the Bajan beauty's song Umbrella was
played during a dance rehearsal, Ciara nearly lost it. Tells our
insider, "Ciara spazzed out ... She stopped the session and told everyone
that the next time someone played a song by 'that no-talent girl', they'd
be fired."
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